Pune City Hit by Severe Hailstorms, Strong Winds and tree falling incidents

Pune Pulse
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Today evening, Pune city experienced a severe weather event characterized by heavy rains, gusty winds, and hailstorms. Numerous areas, including Bavdhan, Chakan, and Baner, were particularly affected by hailstorms, which added to the already challenging conditions. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) revealed that within a span of merely few hours, 25 incidents of trees falling were reported throughout the city.

One notable incident took place in Yerwada, where a tree collapsed onto a house, causing substantial damage. To address the aftermath of this extreme weather, the PMC’s Fire Brigade swiftly mobilized its resources. A total of eight fire tenders were deployed to efficiently clear the fallen trees and alleviate any potential hazards they posed to public safety.

The hailstorms, accompanied by heavy rains and gusty winds, significantly disrupted the normal course of life in Pune. The incessant downpour and strong winds posed threats to both infrastructure and individuals. However, the PMC and its dedicated teams, aware of the urgency of the situation, promptly initiated their response efforts.

The swift actions undertaken by the PMC’s Fire Brigade and the deployment of multiple fire tenders demonstrate the municipality’s commitment to protecting its residents. The primary focus of the operation was to clear the fallen trees, which posed potential dangers to roadways, buildings, and people. By working diligently and efficiently, the fire brigade aimed to restore normalcy as quickly as possible.

In addition to the fallen trees, the hailstorms left a considerable impact on the city. Infrastructure may have suffered damages, and residents likely encountered inconveniences caused by power outages, transportation disruptions, and other related issues. The PMC is expected to assess the overall impact of the hailstorms and undertake necessary measures to support the affected areas and individuals.

As the authorities continue their efforts to address the aftermath of the severe weather, it is crucial for residents to remain cautious and vigilant. They should avoid venturing out unnecessarily and prioritize their safety until the situation stabilizes. Following any instructions or advisories provided by the PMC and local authorities is strongly advised.

While Pune city has experienced adverse weather conditions in the past, the recent hailstorms, accompanied by heavy rains and gusty winds, have added another challenge to the resilience of the community.