Pune Railway Station To Remain Closed for 2 – 4 hours During Festive Season

Pune Pulse
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Pune Railway Station, one of the bustling transportation hubs in the region, is gearing up for a significant remodelling project during the festive season. As a result, services in the railway station are expected to be affected daily, raising concerns among the passengers. 

As per information, the station will undergo extensive renovations, including the extension of all six platforms and track improvements. However, to accommodate the construction work, the station will experience temporary closures lasting two to four hours each day.

The remodelling work is scheduled after the monsoon season spanning a total duration of 107 days. The project’s timing has raised concerns among numerous travelers, who had intended to visit their hometowns during the holidays. However,  railway officials emphasized the nature of the construction work and related activities is not conducive during the rainy season. Hence, the activities will be conducted during the festive season.

Authorities have managed to reduce the estimated completion time from 300 days to just 107 days to minimize disruption and expedite the project. Despite these efforts, passengers remain apprehensive about the inconveniences they may encounter.