Pune Civic Body Aims For Timely Completion Of Pre-Monsoon Works

Pune Civic Body Aims For Timely Completion Of Pre-Monsoon Works

Pune Civic Body Aims For Timely Completion Of Pre-Monsoon Works ( Representational Image )

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is gearing up for pre-monsoon preparations across all 14 civic wards in the city, with a target to complete essential tasks by mid-May. These works include cleaning stormwater lines, channels, and ducts, along with necessary repairs to mitigate waterlogging issues during the upcoming monsoon season. 

Top officials from PMC recently inspected waterlogging-prone areas to assess the situation and plan appropriate solutions.

While the civic administration is optimistic about addressing vulnerable spots like the Deccan Gymkhana area, civic activists and citizens have expressed concerns about the effectiveness of these pre-monsoon activities. 

Civic activists and citizens, however, said that civic authorities should monitor pre-monsoon activities on a continuous basis to avoid substandard works that could lead to flooding and waterlogging during monsoon.

Vivek Velankar, city-based activist, said that every year the administration carries out cleaning work, but there is no respite from flooding. “We have been demanding that the administration conduct a third-party inspection of the works. It has been noticed that new flooding spots emerge every year,” Velankar said.

Officials from the drainage department said that ward officers will set up cells to monitor cleaning works in their respective areas. Over 48,000 chambers and a stormwater channel of 190 km will be cleaned in the next one-and-a-half month.

According to Ratnakar Joshi, a former government officer, “PMC needs to consider the impact of flash floods as such instances are on the rise. Existing stormwater channels are not adequate to cater to flash floods. The stormwater lines are also missing at many smaller roads or service lanes.”

They emphasized the need for continuous monitoring to ensure that the works are of high quality and capable of preventing flooding and waterlogging during heavy rains. 

Calls for third-party inspections of the cleaning works have been raised, highlighting the recurring issue of new flooding spots emerging each year despite regular cleaning efforts.

To oversee the cleaning works effectively, ward officers will establish monitoring cells in their respective areas. Over 48,000 chambers and approximately 190 km of stormwater channels are slated for cleaning within the next month and a half. However, concerns remain about the adequacy of existing stormwater infrastructure, especially in smaller roads or service lanes, to handle flash floods effectively.

The PMC has completed the tendering process for appointing agencies for the cleaning works, with bidding recorded significantly below the basic price. While this may raise questions about the quality of work, the administration remains committed to ensuring proper monsoon preparedness. 

Collaborative efforts with the state irrigation department are being pursued to clean canals and nullahs, addressing concerns about garbage accumulation and urgent maintenance needs in certain areas like Hadapsar and Sahakarnagar.

As the monsoon season approaches, the PMC and other stakeholders continue their efforts to enhance the city’s resilience to heavy rainfall and minimize the impact of flooding on residents and infrastructure.

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