Pune : Congress Activists And Wanowrie Residents Protest Against Manipur Incident

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In a solemn ceremony held at Samvidhan Chowk, Kedari nagar, Wanowrie on Sunday, the Indian National Congress (INC) party and the residents of Wanowrie and demanded immediate and stern action against the culprits who were involved in the tragic incident of Manipur. The gathering also expressed deep concern over the recurring incidents that continue to tarnish humanity and urged for more substantial actions from those in power during these challenging times. The protest was organised by Sahil Kedari, vice president, OBC Cell, Maharashtra State Congress.

The event saw the participation of people including Sampatrao Sable, Sudam Jambhulkar, Kisan Kedari, Satish Gawli, Pradeep Pardeshi, and many others, along with a large number of concerned citizens from Wanowrie. The outpouring of emotions demonstrated the collective grief and solidarity towards those affected by the unfortunate events in Manipur.

The participants stressed the urgency for stronger governance in the region facing turmoil, urging everyone to break their silence and address the ongoing crisis.

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