Pune FDA makes it compulsory to pharmacists to keep a record of test kits sale

With the rising Covid19 cases, citizens out of fear are buying Corona test kits from various medical stores. Those who test positive have not been reporting to the government authorities. The high cost of tests at private lab, fear of visiting the government health care centers and the over the counter sales of corona test has grown multi fold in the last few days. In order to keep a tab on the sale and also to make it mandatory for the medical stores, Pune Food and Drugs Association has directed chemists and pharmacists to maintain a record of people Covid19 test kits.

S B Patil, joint commissioner, FDA informed, “The chemists must maintain a record of name, address, contact number, kit details. The record will be checked by the drug inspectors. The details must also presented when a medical officer demands it. Also, it is necessary to report to the nearest medical officer if the test comes positive.

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