Pune : Garbage dumping worries Hinjawadi residents

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By: Pune Pulse

June 29, 2023

Pune: Hinjawadi residents are not just plagued by traffic issues, but dumping garbage on the road side is another growing concern among the residents.  

The residents of Hinjewadi  Phase 1 are worried due to the garbage piling up in the area as nobody is cleaning it leading to sanitisation issues. 

According to information from a group of Hinjewadi residents, ‘HillSide Pune Residents’, the garbage dumping in the open areas in Hinjewadi Phase 1 area is increasing every day which leads to various health problems.

Hinjawadi is home to various MNC’s but the area still lacks basic infrastructure.  

Despite repeated requests to the gram panchayat, the issue remains as it is. Additionally, the authorities are not even bothered to inspect it.

A lot of non-residential Indians (NRIs) and entrepreneurs are residing in the area who do not wish to invest further and want to move their current investments to smaller, better-managed cities of different states.

Hence, the residents have requested the gram panchayat and other authorities to kindly look into the issue & take proactive steps to keep the area clean at all times.

Shreyas Vange