Pune Hit by Heavy Rain and Strong Winds: Roads Flooded, Trees Down, Citizens Struggle

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On 11th May , Pune experienced heavy rain and strong winds, causing chaos. Many roads are flooded, and numerous trees have fallen, making it hard for people to get around.

In the last few hours, Pune got a lot of rain, about 40.4 millimeters, and more rain might come in the next couple of days.

The non-stop rain and strong winds disrupted daily life, forcing many to stay indoors. The weather department says there could be more rain on and off for the next two days.

Besides the rain, the temperature has dropped, giving some relief from the recent heat.

The heavy rain knocked down 54 trees in different parts of the city, like Lohgaon, Dhole Patil Road, and Sahakar Nagar. Luckily, no one got hurt.

Authorities are working to clear the roads and help things get back to normal. Stay safe and keep an eye on the weather updates.