Pune : Illegal hawkers irk residents of Viman nagar

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Residents of Viman Nagar’s Shubh Gateway Co-Op housing society are troubled due to illegal hawkers below their residences causing chaos.

Several concerns have been brought to the notice of Somnath Bankar, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, Nagar Road, Vadgaon Sheri Ward Zone 1, Vijaykumar Magar, DCP, Ward Zone 4 and Shashikant Borate, DCP (traffic). 

The concerns include illegal hawkers causing chaos every day from evening to early morning 5:00 AM. It also includes the traffic commotion caused due to commuters parking vehicles opposite the society illegally. All these issues lead to noise pollution. 

According to a resident of the society Nitin Bansal, “We have personally visited the Police station and the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), yet no permanent action has been taken yet. The PMC officials visited for the first few days, but the situation now is still the same. Moreover, the traffic branch does not tow vehicles parked on the wrong side of this area. They are parked here the entire day, yet no action is being taken. Additionally, there is a lot of chaos caused by these hawkers playing loud music late at night disturbing the residents. These hawkers are here till 5:00 AM.” 

To this API Dandge Viman Nagar Police Station said, “I assure you that action will soon be taken against these illegal hawkers and the vehicles parking on the wrong side without permission.” 

With growing traffic concerns in Viman Nagar, concerns are raised regarding hawkers as well, causing disturbance to several housing societies. Earlier, action was taken against the hawkers near Khalsa Sweets in Viman Nagar where multiple hawkers were asked to stop the business as it was causing discomfort to the residents of the nearby society. Likewise, action against these hawkers is expected as well by the residents of the housing society. 

Manasi Patil 

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