Pune : Kalyani Nagar – Wadgaon Sheri residents Voice Against Noise Campaign draws attention of govt on noise pollution

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April 26 is observed as International Noise Awareness day. And it was just recently that the residents of Kalyani Nagar, Wadgaon Sheri, Koregaon Park, Viman Nagar with Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar leading the campaign had organised a meeting with the restaurant owners, police, excise officials, politicians, on how to resolve the increasing noise pollution mainly coming from the popular eateries. 

Over 100 people attended the meeting with participation of residents from various areas in the city, but the questions have still been unanswered. 

The residents have set a clear demand from the authorities of all government departments to take action against major sources of noise pollution such as nightclubs, traffic noise etc.

The event was attended by Jagdish Mulik, Vanita Wagaskar and Minal Sarvade. Jagdish Mulik assured the residents that he will work towards reducing noise pollution and to introduce health hazards of noise pollution in the syllabus of schools to spread awareness.

Sachin Agashe, Kalyani Nagar resident said, “The noise is causing undue aggression, anger and a feeling of helplessness. This anger is coming out on my family and at work.”

A Dutch resident of Koregaon Park, Jasper Fortuin said, “If I’m in bed at night, I want to listen to whispering trees, not massive beats. It frustrates me and also makes me angry, if you’re the owner of a club or bar, do you care about your neighbours ? Apparently, not, he further questioned. 

Shreemoyee Roychoudhury, resident of Viman Nagar complained, “Loud music is really a distraction. It prevents me from doing things in peace. Working on daily tasks when there is a constant noise in the background is really irritating. I can’t sleep nor can I Do anything with a peaceful mind, it’s hard to be productive that way.

Mira Shah, Wadgaon Sheri resident informed, “It is only when night falls and construction activity ceases and a blissful silence descends that one realises how noisy it has been all day. One understands why the body was stressed and the nerves were frayed, why one was so irritated and irritable. This impact of noise pollution is insidious, but it wears out over time.”

Sonam Mahadik, resident of Wadgaon Sheri told, “From 10 pm to 5 am, loud thumping bass music blasts from illegal rooftop restaurants in Kalyani Nagar, causing palpitations, insomnia, hypertension causing lack of sleep. All these issues are impacting my entire family. I’ve been complaining for the past two years ! When will this heinousness end ? Are these individuals above the law ? 

Unanswered questions :

1) Why has Pune Municipal Corporation issued licenses to pubs/ nightclubs for playing loud music without No objection certificates from nearby societies?

2) Though there are repeated violations, why doesn’t the excise department and PMC cancel the license of nightclubs?

3) Besides schools and hospitals, are licenses issued to bars? These are silence zones!!

4) When the music instruments are seized by nightclubs the next day they are returned to nightclubs, why ?

5)Maharashtra Pollution Control board has received complaint letters but no fine issued to such nightclubs?

Truth is out in the open and all Government authorities are mum?

Residents have zero tolerance to noise !!