Pune : Fight over Gulab Jamun leaves wedding attendees injured in Hadapsar

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Pune: A shocking incident took place on April 22, at a marriage function hall in the Shewalewadi area of Hadapsar, Pune. It all started when a group of people from the bride’s party decided to get the leftover Gulab Jamun after the marriage ceremony had ended. The dessert, which is a traditional Indian sweet, is a common delicacy at weddings and other special events.

However, the person in charge of the catering service allegedly refused to give them any Gulab Jamun, stating that they were being saved for another ceremony scheduled for the next day. This refusal to provide the sweet to the guests caused anger and tension among the bride’s party members.

The situation soon turned ugly when the group of guests got into a heated argument with the catering staff. The argument escalated into a full-blown physical fight, with both groups exchanging blows and using various objects as weapons.

The situation quickly got out of hand, and several people were injured in the ensuing chaos. Guests and catering company members alike were seen grappling with each other, throwing punches and hurling objects in a wild frenzy. The entire wedding hall was plunged into chaos as the two groups fought with reckless abandon.

This incident highlights the importance of maintaining civility and composure, even in the face of conflict. It is unfortunate that a trivial matter such as the distribution of leftover dessert could lead to such a violent and chaotic situation. It is a reminder that it is essential to practice restraint and approach disagreements in a calm and rational manner to avoid such unfortunate incidents.