Pune : Khadki residents troubled with long-standing garbage issue

Pune Pulse Pune : Khadki residents troubled with long-standing garbage issue

Khadki residents troubled with long-standing garbage issue

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September 24, 2023

Pune: The issue of dumping garbage and various health hazards arising out of it is causing immense trouble among the residents of Elphinstone Road in Khadki.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Hatim Siamwala, a resident of Elphinstone Road, Khadki said, “The removal of garbage thrown in our compound by KCB sweepers and passersby must be done immediately. The mobile garbage container (Kacchra Kundi) must be shifted/ removed permanently from our premises because of the foul smells and stink due to poultry/ meat waste dumped by people. It also poses hygiene and health hazards to people such as infants, the elderly, and the young are getting affected by this. Also, drainage clearance must be done as rainwater keeps entering our bathroom.”

Benhur Parmar, a resident of Elphinstone Road, Khadki said, “The garbage & waste problem in the region has worsened a lot as several people simply keep dumping garbage here frequently. Several children come to my place to study. Due to this garbage menace, a lot of health problems are occurring in the entire area. Also, the drainage connection is not constructed appropriately. Hence, the wastewater keeps flowing on the road. Even when I clean the garbage sometimes, after around 1 week or so, garbage is again found dumped here.”

Taher Siamwala, a resident of Elphinstone Road Khadki said, “The garbage problem is very much severe in our area. What has happened is there is no proper dumping spot or place for the entire Khadki area. Only one Kachra Kundi is placed which is very near to our space. Hence, people from the entire Khadki area come & dump their waste here, further exacerbating the problem. Due to this a lot of mosquitoes & flies enter our houses. We had written about this to the Khadki Cantonment Board but nothing has happened yet.”

Hussain Polan, a resident of Elphinstone Road, Khadki said, “There are 15 to 20 houses in our area along with a mosque and a school. This garbage dumping happens in this area itself. Many people come & throw waste aimed at a Kachra Kundi kept here. However, many times the garbage is not dumped inside and falls outside. Due to this constant dumping, several diseases, stink etc. are on the rise. Cantonment board people come and clean the area, however, people still keep throwing garbage here. What must be done is that Kachra Kundi must be removed immediately from here & roads should be made proper so that people will eventually stop throwing garbage there. We have written several times to the Cantonment Board regarding this but nothing has happened.”

Robin Baleja, CEO of Khadki Cantonment Board said, “Our daily garbage picking vehicles keep picking up garbage & our garbage workers keep cleaning the entire Khadki area daily. However, we will go & inspect the Elphinstone Road area & find out a permanent solution regarding this soon.”

Shreyas Vange