Pune Leaders and Community Members Unite to Address Religious Polarization, seek Pune Police Help

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Elected representatives, minority community members, and leaders from various social organizations in Pune came together to tackle the rising religious polarization caused by certain right-wing groups. 

In a meeting with the Commissioner of Police, they submitted a letter urging him to take preventive measures against actions that contribute to an anti-minority atmosphere in the city, particularly regarding issues like love jihad.

During the meeting, the delegation emphasized Pune’s long-standing commitment to inclusiveness and secularism, highlighting the city’s ability to maintain harmony even in the face of nationwide incidents. They appealed to citizens not to succumb to divisive programs or rumors that seek to create religious tension. It was stressed that the broader interests of the country should be prioritized, urging everyone to refrain from defaming Muslims or any other religion.

Prominent figures who attended the meeting with Pune Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr and Joint Police Commissioner Sandeep Karnik included former MLA Mohan Joshi, former corporator Rashid Sheikh, National Conference for Minority President Rahul Dambale, and several other community leaders and activists representing various political parties and organizations.

Commissioner of Police Retesh Kumaarr assured the delegation that any activities disrupting law and order in the city would not be tolerated. He emphasized that strict legal action would be taken against those attempting to disturb the peace. The commitment to maintaining a peaceful and inclusive environment in Pune was reaffirmed by the police, demonstrating their dedication to upholding law and order while fostering communal harmony.

Hasina Inamdar told Pune Pulse that the memorandum was submitted to the Pune Police commissioner appealing him to not to allow any such aandolans or programmes which will lead to tensions. Each one of us wishes to live in a peaceful manner among all.