Pune : Married Women Harassed For Not Serving ‘Mastani’ at Wedding, Case Filed

Pune : Married Women Harassed For Not Serving 'Mastani' at Wedding, Case Filed

Pune : Married Women Harassed For Not Serving 'Mastani' at Wedding, Case Filed ( Representational Image )

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In a distressing revelation, a married woman in Pune faced harassment for not including the city’s renowned ‘Mastani’ drink in her wedding festivities. The ordeal included relentless taunts and both physical and psychological abuse.

A case has been registered at Chatuhshrungi police station. the incident took place At Shanti Niketan Society on Baner-Pashan Link Road between 2014 and 2023.

The accused individuals, identified as husband Kedar Kishore Bhanu (38 years old) and mother-in-law Kavita Kishore Bhanu, both residents of Shanti Niketan, Baner-Pashan Link Road, are facing charges under sections 498 (a), 323, 506, 34 of IPC. The complaint was filed by a 35-year-old woman affected by the situation.

According to Chaturshringi police, the plaintiff and her husband Kedar tied the knot in 2014. Subsequently, the husband and mother-in-law continued harassment, citing the absence of ‘Sujata Mastani’ during the wedding festivities and the lack of gifts from the plaintiff’s family. The mother-in-law’s continuous belittling included remarks about her superiority due to her government job and financial status, contrasting the plaintiff’s background as “ordinary”.

During her pregnancy and following childbirth, the plaintiff faced further anguish as she was physically assaulted with a plastic bat for her inability to perform household chores. The accused also coerced her into obtaining money from her parents to finance luxurious household purchases, threatening her expulsion from the house otherwise. Their torment extended to mental and physical abuse, with the intention of extracting financial benefits and securing her rights to their property.

The mother-in-law’s derogatory comments extended to the plaintiff’s perceived unsuitability for international travel, while the husband engaged in extramarital affairs and coerced physical relations. The victim alleges threats of dire consequences if she were to speak out against the abuse.

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