Pune metro experiences stop for approximately 25 mins at PMC Station

Pune Metro Commuters To Get Insurance for Ticket Prices

Pune Metro Commuters To Get Insurance for Ticket Prices

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Pune : The PMC Station of Pune Metro train encountered a delay of approximately 25 minutes as train stopped, resulting in inconvenience for commuters. This occurrence took place around 6:50 pm today, and the authorities failed to promptly address the situation.

As per the information recieved, Pune Metro has initiated an investigation to ascertain the cause of the stoppage and has relocated the metro to the depot. They have clarified that during the incident, a single line was utilized for transportation, potentially leading to delays for other trains.

Nevertheless, the issue was resolved within the span of 25 minutes. This incident has raised concerns among citizens as Pune Metro is a relatively new system, and such disruptions cast doubts on its operational reliability. The metro train came to a halt on the Aqua Line, which operates between Vanaz and Ramwadi, impacting the daily commute of numerous passengers.