Pune Metro ridership crosses 1 crore mark in 2 years

Pune Metro ridership crosses 1 crore mark in 2 years

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In a significant milestone, the Pune Metro has got a record-breaking ridership count of over 1 crore from March 6, 2022, to January 24,  2024.

As per further information from the social media handle of Pune Metro, “Pune Metro has crossed the ridership count of 1 crore. We’ve reached a significant milestone in ridership! Join the journey and experience the convenience of Pune Metro – a reliable and efficient travel system. The total ridership count from 6th March 2022 to 24th January 2024 is 1,17,98,841. Thank you to all Punekars for being a part of this achievement!”

Here is another interesting read about Pune Metro:

Almost a week ago, a Pune Metro Guard, Vikas Bangar, displayed an exemplary presence of mind that saved the life of a 3-year-old boy –

On January 19 at 14:22 hrs, a 3-year-old boy fell on the tracks from the Civil Court Elevated Station, Platform 2. To save the child, the child’s mother also fell in an attempt to rescue her child. 

The on-duty guard observed the incident and immediately operated the emergency train stop button while the train was just 30 meters away from the station. After operating the button, the train on both tracks stopped before the Civil Court Elevated Station.

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