Pune: MSRTC Launches ‘Passengers Day’ Initiative To Boost Passenger Experience Across Maharashtra

Pune: MSRTC Launches 'Passengers Day' Initiative To Boost Passenger Experience Across Maharashtra

Pune: MSRTC Launches 'Passengers Day' Initiative To Boost Passenger Experience Across Maharashtra

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Maharashtra – In a bid to elevate passenger satisfaction and streamline service standards across Maharashtra, the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) has announced the launch of ‘Pravasi Raja Divas’. Scheduled from July 15 to August 26, 2024, this initiative marks a pivotal step towards addressing commuter concerns and enhancing operational efficiency within its extensive bus network.

With an average daily ridership of 54 lakh passengers and a workforce exceeding 90 thousand employees, MSRTC recognizes the paramount importance of maintaining cleanliness at bus stations, ensuring punctuality, and delivering courteous service aboard its buses. Despite ongoing efforts, occasional delays in resolving passenger grievances have underscored areas necessitating improvement, impacting the corporation’s public perception.

Key facets of ‘Pravasi Raja Divas’ include comprehensive public engagement strategies, prominently displaying notices at all MSRTC stations and leveraging local media channels to disseminate information. This outreach aims to encourage active participation and feedback from passengers, travel associations, and the general public.

During the initiative period, MSRTC will implement a structured approach to grievance redressal. Complaints concerning service quality and operational issues will be accepted in writing and meticulously recorded in dedicated registers at each bus station. The corporation pledges swift action to address these concerns and enhance overall service delivery standards.

In a move towards transparent communication, MSRTC has released a detailed schedule outlining the presence of Division Controllers at various bus stations. This initiative aims to facilitate direct engagement between passengers and MSRTC officials, providing a platform for constructive feedback and suggestions aimed at continuous improvement.

Further enhancing interactive awareness, Traffic Controllers stationed at strategic locations, including Agar, will make regular announcements via public announcement systems. These updates will keep passengers informed about ongoing ‘Pravasi Raja Day’ activities and encourage active participation in shaping service improvements.

The introduction of ‘Pravasi Raja Day’ underscores MSRTC’s proactive approach towards enhancing service quality and promoting customer-centric operations. By fostering direct engagement with passengers and stakeholders alike, MSRTC aims not only to promptly address immediate concerns but also to implement sustainable improvements statewide.

As ‘Pravasi Raja Day’ unfolds, MSRTC invites passengers and all concerned parties to actively participate and contribute towards ongoing efforts aimed at raising service standards and ensuring a seamless travel experience throughout Maharashtra.