Pune-Mumbai Expressway experiences heavy traffic congestion due to minor accident

Mumbai Pune Expressway experiences traffic congestion Pune Pulse
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PUNE: On Saturday evening, a significant traffic jam was reported on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway, with numerous vehicles heading towards Pune remaining stranded for an extended period.

According to local reports, the vehicles were waiting in long queue for up to 10 kilometers on the expressway towards Pune. Police officials have stated that an accident occurred near Khandala Ghat at approximately 6 am, resulting in minor injuries to one person.

As per the information received, the incident caused severe traffic congestion on the road, as rescue teams required time to remove the vehicle from the area. Due to the good rainfall reported on Saturday and the weekend too, many tourists were seen travelling.

However, since many tourists opted to travel by their own cars, the number of vehicles on the expressway increased, leading to traffic jams. The officials have confirmed that the vehicle involved in the accident has been removed from the road, and the road is now open for traffic movement.

Mahesh Chauhan tweeted, ”Seems like we lucked out! Immense jam after a KM from the toll till the #khandala tunnel towards #Pune. Avoid travel to Pune today if possible” #expressway

Sudhir Mehta tweeted, ”2 hours and 57 minutes to cover 82 kilometers on an #Expressway that was once the fastest highway in the country.The Pune-Mumbai expressway serves not only to connect the two cities but is a critical section of one of the most vital national highways. The urgency to accelerate its expansion and construct alternative routes connecting the North, North-West to the South was evident five years ago, and its significance and need today cannot be overstated.” 

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