Pune – Mumbai is even closer now!

Pune - Mumbai is even closer now!

Pune - Mumbai is even closer now!

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The missing link work on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway, which is being constructed to reduce the distance between these two cities, is almost 85 percent complete. A part of the same project and the tallest cable bridge in Asia is also in full swing. As per the information, the project will be finished in the upcoming four months. As a result, Pune to Mumbai will be 6 km shorter. There will be a 20 to 25-minute reduction in travel time. 

But why is this project necessary? Read details: 

At Lonavla, the Adoshi Tunnel to Khandala Exit is 6-lane wide, with 10-lane traffic entering this area. Additionally, the Mumbai Pune National Highway No. 4 and the Highway combine near Khanapur Toll Plaza and further diverge at Khandala exit. 

The width of the tunnel is estimated to be 23.5 meters. At Bor Ghat, this alternate route will be accessible in place of the six-kilometer diversion route. There are plans to build an eight-lane road from the Khanapur toll to the Khopoli exit. Under the project, a new eight-lane road with two tunnels and a two-viaduct system will be built. 

MSRDC also asserts that the bridge is the longest valley bridge in Asia. The longest tunnel, which runs nine kilometers from Pune to Mumbai, has both tunnels excavated. A cable bridge with a length of 645 meters and a height of 135 meters has also been constructed.