Pune Municipal Corporation Introduces QR Code Collars To Boost Canine Safety 

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1 July 2024

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has initiated a pioneering project to enhance canine safety by introducing reflective collars with geotagged QR codes. This innovative step aims to safeguard the well-being of both pet and stray dogs in the city.

The veterinary department plans to equip dogs with reflective neck collars that feature unique IDs containing vital information such as breed, vaccination status, sterilization details, and contact information of their feeders or owners. This measure is a significant advancement in ensuring the health and safety of the canine population.

Dr. Sarika Funde, the chief veterinary officer of PMC, explained that these collars will be part of the Animal Birth Control (ABC) program. Stray dogs will receive these collars after vaccination and sterilization, along with ear notching for identification. These methods are essential for effective management and monitoring of the stray dog population.

“The reflective collars with QR codes will replace regular belts. Scanning the QR code with a mobile scanner or special cameras will provide all relevant information about the dog,” said Dr. Funde. She added that a proposal for these collars would be presented to the municipal commissioner for approval, after which the initiative can commence.

Financial constraints have led PMC to pause the previous plan of implanting microchips in stray dogs. The new project with reflective collars and QR codes presents a more cost-effective solution.

According to the latest stray dog population census conducted by PMC in May 2023, there are an estimated 179,940 stray dogs within the city limits. The introduction of these QR code collars is a promising step towards better management and safety of Pune’s canine population.