Pune Municipal Corporation May Soon Ask Eateries To Adopt Eco-Friendly Fuel Options To Tackle Air Pollution Issues

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In response to escalating concerns over air quality, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is set to enforce directives mandating eateries to shift to cleaner fuels. This decision follows a recent plea from the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) urging the PMC to adopt measures aimed at curbing particulate matter (PM) and odors emitted by various food establishments across municipal limits.

The rapid proliferation of hotels, restaurants, and eateries throughout Pune has amplified air pollution levels due to non-compliance with environmental standards. To combat this issue, the PMC’s Health Department is poised to issue guidelines instructing all food business operators (FBOs) to replace conventional fuels with eco-friendly alternatives, as confirmed by officials.

Dr. Bhagwan Pawar, PMC’s Health Officer, affirmed that discussions were held in response to MPCB’s directives, leading to the decision to circulate guidelines mandating the use of cleaner fuels among eateries and FBOs. These measures aim not only to improve air quality but also to ensure full compliance with pollution control norms.

The MPCB has specifically urged the PMC to promote the use of Liquified Natural Gas (LPG) and electric ovens, while encouraging the adoption of electric-based tandoors over coal-based ones.

Furthermore, the MPCB has recommended the introduction of schemes offering subsidized LPG connections and financial assistance to facilitate the transition to cleaner fuels, with funding potentially sourced from initiatives like the National Clean Air Program (NCAP) and the fifteenth Finance Commission (XV-FC).

The PMC’s initiative underscores a concerted effort to address air pollution at its source by promoting sustainable practices within the food industry, although practical challenges and financial considerations may necessitate further dialogue and support mechanisms for affected businesses.

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