Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to Establish Four New Dialysis Centers

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In response to the increasing prevalence of kidney-related ailments and the growing demand for dialysis services, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to open four additional dialysis centers in the city. The PMC currently operates 12 dialysis facilities, each equipped with four to ten beds, throughout Pune.

The first phase of this expansion will involve the establishment of a ten-bed dialysis center at Sundarabai Ganpat Raut Hospital on Paud Road in Kelewadi. The PMC has released a tender for this facility, which will be awarded to the organization offering dialysis services at the most affordable rates. Once awarded, the selected private player will be responsible for managing the Raut Hospital center for a period of ten years. The PMC will provide the necessary space, while the private player will furnish the equipment and labor required for operation. These clinics will function as public-private partnerships and will charge minimal fees for dialysis treatments.

In addition to the Raut Hospital center, the PMC plans to open three more dialysis facilities in the coming months. The selection process will prioritize organizations that offer hemodialysis at rates lower than those set by the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS). The new centers will accommodate ten beds each and serve patients with renal illnesses, excluding those with HIV and hepatitis.

The selected private player will not only manage the dialysis center but also offer affordable services to the general public. The PMC will allocate approximately 1,500 square feet of space within the PMC-run hospital for the dialysis unit. While the PMC will cover the costs of water and energy, the chosen organization will supply the necessary machinery and manpower.

By expanding the number of dialysis centers, the PMC aims to address the rising demand for these critical healthcare services in Pune, ensuring that more patients have access to timely and affordable dialysis treatments