Pune Municipal Corporation to Establish Dedicated Food Zones to Regulate Street Vendors

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In an effort to tackle the issue of illegal street vendors and prioritize the safety of citizens, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has made the decision to establish dedicated food zones within the city. This significant decision was taken during a meeting held by the PMC’s Anti-Encroachment Department on Tuesday.

The primary objective of creating these food zones is to provide a structured and regulated environment for street vendors, ultimately mitigating the risks associated with their operations. Within the span of one month, PMC plans to set up these designated areas, granting vendors the necessary licenses to operate within them.

One of the key considerations behind this move has been the safety of citizens, as there have been several incidents involving LPG cylinder explosions at street vendor stalls in the past. To effectively implement this initiative, officials from the Anti-Encroachment Department will conduct a comprehensive survey to identify suitable locations across various parts of the city where these food zones can be established.

PMC officials emphasize that their crackdown on illegal hawkers and street vendors will continue as part of their ongoing efforts. Legal vendors who are currently operating on the streets will be relocated to the newly designated food zones, ensuring a more organized and safe environment for both vendors and residents alike.