Pune : Narayan Peth Records Highest Noise Pollution During Dahi Handi With 110 Decibels

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Dahi Handi celebrations may be grand, but the noise pollution in Pune this year was just as loud. As per a study by 2 people from COEP, Jaywant Nandode and Indrajit Deshmukh, Pune’s Narayan Peth area registered 110.5 decibels on Thursday (7th September) evening, making it the most noise polluted area of Pune for Dahi Handi this year. The highest noise level was recorded between 5pm to 10 pm on Thursday.Mahesh Shindikar, Assistant Professor of Biology, COEP Technological University, Pune, said that the COEP Technological University, for the first time, recorded noise pollution decibel levels on Dahi Handi celebration. Noise levels have been recorded above permissible levels at most locations. Long-term exposure to these loud noises is hazardous to human health.As per further information shared by Shindikar,Following is the area-wise count of the noise decibel levels (db) in Pune during Dahi Handi celebrations:·

Narayan Peth – 110.5 db·

Bajirao Road – 108.3 db· Sambhajigarden Chowk – 105.2 db· Durvankur Dining Hall – 104.4 db·

SP College Chowk – 103.5 db· Garware Chowk – 103.4 db·

Dnyan Prabhodini Prashala – 100.2 db· Sadashiv Peth – 95.2 db·

Shaniwar Wada – 93.2 db· Shivajinagar Gavthan – 92.8 db

Sandeep Karnik, Joint Commissioner, Pune Police, has assured people that Pune city’s police administration has established an alert system. Police will review the information and grievances received and take appropriate action in accordance with the law.

Shreyas Vange