Pune News : 10 CCTV Installed On Pune Traffic Police Vehicles for Easy & Effective Traffic Monitoring

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To make traffic monitoring hassle free & maintain traffic law & order in the city, the Pune Police Commissioner has sanctioned 10 traffic vehicles having CCTV cameras on them.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Arjun Botre, Traffic Police Inspector (Planning), Pune Traffic Police, said “As of now, on pilot basis, ten CCTV vehicles have been sanctioned for effective traffic monitoring in Pune. Once implemented, the actual situation will assist us in determining the subsequent course of action based on digital information gathered regarding fines and types of offenses detected at specific locations. This innovation will be utilized for dissecting traffic situations and most extreme assortment of traffic fines. After testing these vehicles on the ground, if they are found to be effective, then we are planning to request for more such vehicles on a permanent basis.”

As per information, these vehicles will be operational in all the areas of Pune where there are no CCTV cameras present. The vehicles will look for interior roads, allies and major roads where commuters break the law without being caught. The violations will be recorded, and a picture with the date, time, and geographic location will be sent to the appropriate traffic divisions for payment of the fine.

Multiple vehicles in a camera’s field of view can be detected and tracked using the technology being incorporated. All CCTV camera feeds will be live streamed to the Command Control Centre (CCC) and stored in the data centre. The CCC will have a video wall that can show footage from multiple cameras at once.

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