Pune News : CM Eknath Shinde assures to resolve Katraj traffic issue

Pune: Chief Minister Eknath Shinde on Sunday, February 12 assured to solve all issues raised by Katraj Vikas Aghadi (KVA) who staged a protest march on to address various issues in the locality.

Pramod Bhangire, city head of the Babasahebanchi Shiv Sena said,“On Sunday people united under Katraj Vikas Aghadi to raise their concern over traffic jams in Katraj chowk, delayed infrastructure works, illegal parking, poor electricity supply and so on. People are frustrated with these problems but at the same time no one is ready to rescue them. Hence we have contacted CM and conveyed him the issues. He listened carefully and committed us that he will look into these issues and will solve these problems.’’

On Sunday morning people gathered under KVA near the vegetable market at Katraj chowk and protested against the civic body and politicians for keeping blind eyes towards their problems and demanded  improved traffic situation in the area.

Namesh Babar, founder of KVA, said, “KVA is not any political movement, we are united under KVA to raise concern over infrastructure issues in our area. Many people have lost their lives due to frequent accidents in the Katraj area. Why is the civic body, politician is silent on such important issues?

Presently, due to the ongoing road construction and maintenance work in Katraj chowk is leading to traffic jams in the area. In addition to that, flyover construction work adds to our problems. Recently NCP leader Supriya Sule visited Katraj and inspected all ongoing construction works in the area and suggested that all government departments involved in this work should coordinate with each other and complete the development works on time.

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