Pune News : Disciples wearing diksha malas get entry into Osho ashram 

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Pune: The Osho International Meditation Center had sparked controversy by banning the entry of disciples who wear the diksha malas provided by the organization’s founder, Osho. The incident led to a protest on Tuesday, March 21 when devotees were refused entry on the occasion of the 70th Enlightenment Day. However, after the protest the disciplines were allowed entry into the Ashram wearing the malas and the management committee has assured them that henceforth they won’t be stopped.

The Ashram management today allowed the Osho disciples to enter wearing the sanyas mala taking a defensive stance on the background of unity of the maroon army’s unity. Around 2500 disciples from all over the globe gathered at the Osho Ashram entrance marking the 70th enlightenment day of Osho.

Despite the devotees’ insistence that the beaded necklaces were given them from their master and could not be taken away, the administration refused to allow them inside the ashram while wearing the malas. This decision has caused an uproar among Osho’s followers. And therefore a protest was staged on March 21.

Former trustee of Osho International Foundation, Swami Chaitanya Keerti, commented on the issue. He said, “The ashram only observes the monsoon and Christmas and does not celebrate Osho’s birth anniversary or guru purnima. As today is the 70th Enlightenment Day, we disciples had come to Osho Ashram. We were not allowed entry by wearing the mala, but then we were taken in by paying ₹ 970 as entry fees.”

Swami Chaitanya Keerti further told the media, “The OIMC has prohibited Osho disciples and lovers to enter the Ashram premises wearing the sanyas mala. They have put the Ashram land on sale. We have been fighting against this matter for the last many years and we are agitating against the Ashram management in a peaceful way. Due to the interference by the police officials, we have been allowed to enter the Ashram. Our fight is getting a little success. We are determined to continue this fight to save the Ashram and Osho ideology.” 

The disciples and Osho lovers were overwhelmed to enter the Ashram after so many years. But many of them expressed displeasure with the bad condition of Osho samadhi, swimming pool, and meditation center. Most of them opined of continuing the fight against the management to regain the lost glory of the Ashram.

Despite repeated attempts by Pune Pulse to reach Osho International Meditation Center authorities there was no response. 

Mrunal Jadhav