Pune News : Six new roads to come up in Mundhwa and Mohamadwadi get approved under PPP model 

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Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation has given the green light for the construction of six new roads on a public-private partnership (PPP) basis. The roads will be built in the Mundhwa and Mohamadwadi areas of Pune, and are expected to ease traffic congestion in the eastern region of the city. The cost of the project is estimated to be ₹ 162 crores, with the roads stretching over seven and a half kilometers.

Shiv Sena city president Nana Bhangire was instrumental in pushing for the construction of the new roads, following complaints from citizens about the heavy traffic in the area. It is reported that Bhangire pursued the matter with Municipal Commissioner and Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, leading to the approval of the project.

The PPP model, which involves private participation in return for development credit notes, was already being used by the Pune Municipal Corporation to develop major roads and bridges in the city. The construction of the six new roads was approved by the Standing Committee and the main assembly, following a proposal by the municipal administration.

“These construction of new six roads will help to reduce the distance of 7 kms and also solve traffic congestion coming from Hadapsar and nagar road. The width of these roads will vary from 18 meters to 30 meters. These roads will be made the way they are being planned in DP. After taking follow ups for the last two months with PMC the proposal has been approved and with special efforts of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde,” said Nana Bhangire, city president of Shiv Sena.

“The work of the roads will begin from mid April, however the expected cost for the construction work is ₹165 crores. Yet the tenders are not approved, the tender process will be carried in next week, said Vijay Kulkarni, head of PMC road department.

New roads to be constructed in following areas of Mundhwa and Mohamadwadi :

Construction of 30 meter of DP road from Survey No. 40 to S. No. 76 from Mohamadwadi to Ramtekdi Industries Estate and adjoining 18 metre road. Expected cost ₹72 crores – (30 m DP road starting from Raheja chowk to Ramtekdi area and connecting 18 m DP road to this)

Construction of 24 meter DP road passing through Mohamadwadi Survey No. 1,2,3,4 and 57,58,59,96. (24 m road starting from backside of Delhi public school to Desai Hospital which is a new link bypass road going towards Mohamdwadi village – Expected cost ₹ 31 crores

Construction of 18 meter D P road passing through Mohamadwadi Survey No. 12,13,30,32 & 57. – (18 m road which starts from Corinthian Club to to Desai Hospital) – A new link for village road. – Expected cost – ₹ 16 crores

Construction of 12 meter DP and 24 meter DP roads in Survey No. 64,66,67,68,71 in Mundhwa Railway Station area. – Expected cost ₹46 crores.

Mrunal Jadhav