Railway Pravasi Sangh, Pimpri Chinchwad demands halt of long route trains at Chinchwad station

Pimpri: Railway Pravasi Sangh, Pimpri Chinchwad has requested for a stop at the Chinchwad station for long distance trains passing through the Mumbai-Pune route. The demand has come as a result of the ongoing remodelling work at Shivaji Nagar railway station, which has led to local trains departing from Lonavla only going up to Shivajinagar station.

In a letter of request sent to the authorities, passengers have highlighted the inconvenience caused due to this arrangement. They have explained that after reaching Shivaji Nagar station, passengers have to travel to Pune station by private vehicles with all their luggage, which is causing a lot of discomfort to senior citizens, children, women, sick and disabled persons. Furthermore, the additional travel is leading to financial losses and mental anguish for the passengers.

The passengers have pointed out that Chinchwad station is a central location between Pune and Lonavla, with around 40 lakhs of citizens living in the vicinity. They have also highlighted that a large number of working-class people travel through the station every day. Therefore, including Chinchwad station as a stop for long distance trains will not only reduce the stress caused by the rush of passengers at the Pune station but also provide a more comfortable and pleasant journey experience.

Iqbal Mulani, president of Pimpri Chinchwad Pravasi Sangh, said, “The work which is going of remodelling of Shivaji nagar railway station is beneficial for future although the work is being going on for long and is expected to continue for next 1.5 years. Whereas, currently few local trains are running from Lonavala to Shivaji nagar stop, causing inconvenience for passengers as they have to go to Pune station for other train. So to avoid the inconvenience, we are demanding that a stop should be made at Chinchwad station, as it has direct connectivity to highway, has 4 platforms and over 40 lakh passengers travel from here.”

Anand Narkhede, treasurer of the Pimpri Chinchwad Pravasi Sangh, said, “We demand that long journey railways passing via Mumbai to Pune should include the Chinchwad station stop. As the daily passengers from Chinchwad while coming back from Mumbai or Lonavala have to wait at the Lonavala station for the Chinchwad station train. If the Chinchwad station is included in it will be a convenient way for all the passengers.”

Mrunal Jadhav 

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