Pune News : E-recognition system launched at Pune Zilla Parishad for integrated school management 

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Pune: Pune Zilla Parishad‘s e-recognition system was launched on Friday, March 31 and State School Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar announced that it will be a guide for launching an integrated school management system at the state level. The system was inaugurated online by Kesarkar, who spoke at the event alongside other education officials.

Kesarkar stressed the importance of bringing all kinds of facilities to one place while developing such a system. He also emphasized the need for transparency in the sector and how the online process will help prevent malpractices while granting various approvals to schools. Additionally, he suggested that the system needs to be trained well and made more transparent, and that the authorities should review the problems in the common recognition system.

Commissioner of School Education Suraj Mandhare also spoke at the event, stating that digitization is necessary to improve the quality of education and avoid mistakes. He added that transparency and fair functioning are major challenges in the education department, and the e-recognition system developed by Pune Zilla Parishad will be useful for an integrated school management system at the state level.

The system, which includes four of the 16 applications that will be included in the state-level system, allows for self-approval, first approval, reimbursement of 25 percent fee under RTE, and application for new EUDAIS numbers to be done online. This eliminates the need for physical visits to the Zilla Parishad and saves time for officers and employees.

The e-recognition system will also be useful for schools as errors in the proposal can be identified online, and their fulfillment can also be done online. The system has been implemented as per the instructions of the state government.

Mrunal Jadhav 

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