Pune News: Garbage dump near cycle track and garden on Bhandarkar Road irks residents 

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Pune: In a concerning development on Bhandarkar Road (near the road connecting to the S.B. Road signal), a large garbage dump has been accumulating in front of the cycle track and garden area, causing inconvenience and posing a severe health hazard to the public. Tgarbage has not been picked up regularly, and the situation has only worsened.

The garbage dump in front of the garden gate has also caused a lot of trouble for pedestrians, as it occupies a significant portion of the pedestrian way. Additionally, several food stalls located in the vicinity have been contributing to the mess, leaving food waste and other litter scattered around the area. The situation has become so dire that it is now drawing attention from PMC. As a result, concerned citizens are urging the PMC to immediately clean up the area and ensure that such a situation does not occur again.

Residents and visitors are advised to exercise caution while passing through the area and report any littering or illegal dumping to the authorities. It is hoped that the rules will take swift action to address this issue and maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the public space.

When talking with food stall owner Ravi Kumar, he said, “Several times, the garbage is thrown here. Garbage vans come between 2 – 3 days, but the whole area faces various issues due to this garbage dump.”

While talking with a visitor, Ashok Pretha, who regularly uses the cycle track here, said, “I stay in a nearby area, and I always saw this garbage. I think nearby residents or shopkeeper threw their trash here. But it also creates multiple issues for visitors to the garden, cycle track, or getting food near this.”

“We have a federal point of collecting garbage at that place. So we dispose of the wet garbage that same day only. And other garbage is nothing but the disposable items which the PMC van collects every second day. Sometimes it may be delayed, but I will ensure this will not happen again, and garbage will collect regularly,” said Ravi Khandare, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, Ghole Road Ward, PMC.

Nividita Kelapure