Pune News : Power supply of 9500 Wagholi residents resumed after 12 hours 

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Wagholi: Over 9,500 customers in the Wagholi area were left without power overnight due to technical failures at MSEDCL’s High tension power supply line under Lonikand substation. The power supply was disrupted on Sunday (26 February) and was restored at 8:30 am on Monday (27 February) after overnight repair works carried by engineers and employees of Mahavitaran.

The Wagholi area is supplied with electricity through Purvarang 22/22 KV substation, which is supplied with electricity from Mahapareshan’s Lonikand High tension Purvarang Substation through Mahavitran’s Purvaranga 22 KV line. However, on Sunday (26th), due to a failure in the Purvaranga power line, alternative power supply was immediately started to the Purvaranga subcenter through the Karol-2 power line.

Later in the afternoon, urgent emergency repair work occurred at Mahapareshan’s Lonikand High-Pressure Substation, leading to the shutdown of all three 22 KV channels of Mahavitaran, namely Wagheshwar and Karola-2 from 6 to 8 pm. After completion of the repair work, power supply was started to all the three channels of Mahavitran. However, within half an hour, the power supply was interrupted again due to failure in the channels of Wagheshwar and Karola-2.

As a result, technical measures were taken by Mahavitaran for alternative power supply to keep electricity supply off to at least a few customers in Wagholi area from 6 to 8 pm. However, due to increasing heat, the demand for electricity had also increased. The electricity supply of about 9,500 consumers in Awhalwadi Road, Satyam Park, Renuka Park, Dabhade Wasti, Baif Rasta, Domkhel Vasti in Wagholi was shut down from 6 to 8 pm due to the emergency repair work of Mahapareshan. After that, due to breakdown in Mahavitran’s Wagheshwar and Karola-2 channels and power load management was not possible, power supply was again stopped in this area from 8.30 pm.

The engineers and employees of Mahavitaran worked tirelessly throughout the night to repair the underground power lines of both Wagheshwar and Karola-2, excavating with JCB and Breaker. After the repair work of Wagheshwar 22 KV channel was completed, electricity supply was restored to all 9,500 customers at 8:30 am.

Mrunal Jadhav