Pune News : Garbage segregation shed set up on footpaths in Balewadi raises stink

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Balewadi: Balewadi residents have raised concerns about sheds installed by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) for waste segregation near the footpath at Sai Chowk by SWaCH. The sheds have caused waste to be scattered, making it difficult for pedestrians to walk through the footpaths. With ongoing metro work in the area, the roads have also become narrower, adding to the inconvenience faced by residents.

The stretch from Sai chowk to 43 Privet Drive housing society has been one of the major spots for dumping waste. 

Amey Jagtap, a resident of Balewadi, expressed frustration, stating, “Due to the waste sorting sheds installed by Swachh on the footpath constructed by the smart city, the roads have become narrow and it is difficult for residents to walk through the footpath. Moreover, waste is thrown here by stall onwers and people. Despite several follow-ups, PMC had once picked up the waste, at that time four trucks were loaded with waste, so the amount of waste being dumped here is clear. Now we demand that the sheds should be removed and footpaths should be clear for pedestrians to walk.”

Advocate Ram Tare, another resident of Balewadi, who is a senior citizen, highlighted the health and safety risks caused by the scattered waste. “Over the last one year, this issue has been persistent. We have complained several times to PMC, but no action has been taken. As the garbage is spread all over, there are stray dogs and crows scavenging for leftovers. Earlier, the garbage was cleaned, but now it is being dumped again, as PMC claims they will shift it to another place once available,” he said.

In response to the complaints, Sandip Khalate, Assistant Municipal Commissioner of Aundh Baner ward, stated, “Residents have complained that the sheds should be shifted, and accordingly, we are finding a new place to shift the shed and waste. However, we have taken these sheds back to keep the footpath clear for pedestrians to walk. Every society opposes having the sheds in front of their premises, which is why it is taking time to find a new place.”

Another resident of Balewadi, Bharat Shrivastav, said, “We are unable to walk on footpath, as bad odour emitting from waste is spread all over with the wet waste spread on the footpath. And due to ongoing metro work the roads are narrow, so if any big vehicles passes it is very dangerous for people to walk on the road.”

Mrunal Jadhav 

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