Cooperative Registrar’s office disqualifies committee of Roseland Residency society

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One of the largest cooperative housing societies in Pimple Saudagar in Pimpri Chinchwad, Roseland Residency’s name was taken with great pride for promoting various eco-friendly initiatives. But, the news of disqualification of the committee has brought the glory down. The sub registrar, cooperative housing society has banned the committee elected for the year 2016-21 for the next five years. 

The society of 900 flats has over 4000 residents living in it. The deputy registrar upon hearing the complaints made by 40 people came to the conclusion of disqualifying the committee from holding the posts in the society management committee. The order was issued on April 5, 2023 by the deputy registrar. Member Sandeep Thenge and 39 others raised complaints to the registrar’s office regarding the misappropriation of funds and many other issues. The society’s plea was heard for the first time on December 23, 2021. Between January 6 and March 4, 2022, six hearings were held. February 28 to March 29, 2023 five hearings were held. Both the parties were heard.

Chandan Chaurasia, joint secretary, Roseland Residency informed that despite being a committee member, I raised my voice against the wrong practices which were being conducted in the society office. Several projects were taken up without consulting the residents. I myself resigned when I started seeing such misappropriation of funds and misconduct of the people.

Santosh Maskar, chairman, Roseland Residency stated, “Few residents had raised their complaints to the registrar’s office to which the result was in our favour after scrutinising the complaint. The complainants have appealed to the higher authority which has disqualified our committee. We have not been given a fair chance to represent ourselves properly.  We’ve submitted a revision appeal to DDR requesting a stay and review of the sub registrar’s order with our documents of appeal. An acknowledgement form from Indian Post is provided.”

In the complaint raised by the residents, they have mentioned that :

1. The overhead water tank was built without permission spending Rs 82,71,033 in an unauthorised manner.

2. Spent Rs 12,93,700 on procuring water tanks without consent of the committee and members

3. Lift upgradation was done without consent and spent Rs 21,84,442

4. Construction of retaining wall completed by accepting high tender amount

5. Building insurance was raised to as high as 126 percent to the insurance company

6. Mobile tower company was waived off one month’s rent.

7. The committee’s working period ended on August 26, 2021 but no proceedings for a new election were conducted / initiated.

8. Annual general body meeting held without obeying the rule of section 75. Hence, as per Section 75 (5) the committee must be disqualified.

The following are the replies to the complaints made by the complainants as stated in the appeal.

  1. On June 18th, 2017, the AGM gave its approval for the water tank work.
  2. On September 15th, 2019, the AGM approved the Solar Power project, Lift Upgradation, and CCTV.
  3. The tower company requested a one-month rent discount since they were paying the highest rent to the society during Covid 19 situation. They threatened to shift the tower outside society if the discount was not provided. The committee was allowed to carry out the AGM work during COVID, according to the MH government.
  4. Due to the absence of a clubhouse and a notice issued by PCMC, a COVID center was constructed.

The committee was disqualified due to three reasons, not reading the Audit rectification report of previous year in the Annual General Meeting (AGM), awarding CCTV contract to the vendor who was not a lowest bidder and one month rent waiver given to mobile tower company during Covid 19.

According to the order issued by the Nagnath Kanjeri, sub registrar, cooperative society, Pune city 3 stated that the committee consisting of members Santosh Maskar, Amol Nagar, Anand Daftardar, Chandan Chaurasiya, Siddharth Naik, Babasaheb Sathe, Mithun Godbole, Navin Joshi, Rajshekhar D, Abhay kulkarni, Vartika Srivastava, Abhijit Deshmukh, Ramakant Waghulde have been disqualified from the committee for the next five years.   

Renuka Suryavanshi

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