Pune News : Heavy security arrangements in place for Ramadan celebrations in Kondhwa

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Kondhwa: A meeting was held by Majid Maulana Trust’s Trustees and Peace Committee members in Kondhwa to discuss preparations for the upcoming Ramadan Eid festival for Muslim community in the Kondhwa Police Station area.

The meeting was attended by notable individuals such as Joint Commissioner of Police Pune City Sandeep Karnik, Upper Commissioner of Police East Regional Division Ranjan Sharma, Deputy Commissioner of Police Vikrant Deshmukh and dignitaries, ex MLA Yogesh Tilekar, Hadapsar constituency. 

During the meeting, instructions were given to ensure a peaceful and safe celebration of the festival. The instructions included not allowing parking of vehicles around the mosque, monitoring the movement of unknown and suspicious persons, inspecting the internal premises of the mosque before the start of namaz, ensuring the authenticity of documents and identity cards of those who collect donations on the occasion of Ramadan festival, not allowing beggars to stop near the mosque, keeping the area around the mosque clean, taking care to avoid chaos and stampede, having only one entrance to enter the mosque, putting emergency contact numbers on the board on the facade of the mosque, ensuring the safety of electrical equipment supplying electricity in the mosque, not keeping inflammable substances in the mosque, keeping fire extinguishers, buckets filled with sand and water in an easily accessible place, immediately informing the police about suspicious activities and abandoned items, installing CCTV cameras for security purposes, not believing or spreading rumors, setting up food stalls in a way that does not obstruct traffic and obtaining necessary permissions, using authorized gas cylinders and not keeping stale and leftover food for resale.

All attendees were instructed to strictly follow these guidelines to prevent any law and order problems during the upcoming festivals. Around 150 to 200 people, including police officers and personnel from Kondhwa Police Station were present for the meeting.

“To ensure law and order, a tight security bandobast will be imposed during the Ramadan Eid celebration. Whereas, a meeting was held for the same to discuss the security concerns. At least 125 police personnel and officers will be deployed for the tight security arrangements, said Santosh Sonawane Patil, Police Inspector of Kondhwa Police Station.

Mrunal Jadhav 

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