Pune News : Issue of delayed joining of IT freshers to be discussed in Maharashtra Legislative Council 

Pune: The Maharashtra Legislative Council will address the issue of delayed joining dates of IT offer letters, which has caused a sense of despair among thousands of students who receive these letters through campus hiring every year. Shrikant Bhartiya, Member of Maharashtra Legislative Council, brought the matter to the attention of the Minister, citing the lack of any laws or rules to protect students from the mental and financial damage caused by this delay.

The issue has been a growing concern among students who receive offer letters or letters of intent from IT companies but do not actually join work for months. The delay causes anxiety, uncertainty and financial burden, as many students opt out of other job opportunities while waiting for their IT jobs to start.

In response to the issue raised by Forum for IT Employees (FITE), in State assembly session which is approved by speaker Neelam Gorhe and will be discussed on Monday in Maharashtra upper house. This gives big hopes for all those fresher’s in IT sector who are holding on to letter of intent / offer letters for last 6-12 months.

Forum for IT Employees President Pavanjit Mane said, “This issue has been happened with many freshers, as the IT companies have delayed the joining dates. So we had collected the details of the affected fresher, where we got responses from 700 freshers. And accordingly the issue was taken to Shrikant Bhartiya which would be discussed on March 20 in Legislative Assembly Session. As the issue may continue and affect the freshers as there is no fix time period given for joining.”

Mrunal Jadhav   

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