Pune News : Keshav Nagar residents irked over haphazard parking by tempos 

Residents in Keshav Nagar area of Pune are facing severe traffic problems due to the narrow roads and vehicles being parked on the roadside. This issue is becoming more acute day by day in Keshav Nagar. 

The narrow road in Keshav Nagar is causing chaos during peak hours as there is limited space for vehicles to pass, leading to traffic congestion. 

Despite the issue being prevalent for quite some time now, no action has been taken to resolve the problem. The absence of traffic police in the area has further worsened the situation, as there is no one to manage the traffic flow.

The residents of Keshav Nagar have urged the authorities to take swift action to address the issue and ensure that the traffic flow is managed properly. They have also requested for the deployment of traffic police to regulate the flow of vehicles during peak hours.

In conclusion, the residents of Keshav Nagar are facing severe traffic problems, and the situation is worsening day by day. The absence of traffic police to manage the traffic flow is exacerbating the problem, and it is imperative for the authorities to take immediate action to resolve the issue.

“From Mundhwa chowk traffic the congestion starts. There are no traffic police to manage the vehicles. It takes 20 to 25 mins to reach home when my home is 1km from the Mundhwa chowk. At least Pune traffic police should make markings on the road illegal parking of vehicles can be curbed, ” complained Bharat Jhawar, a resident of Keshav Nagar, Member of Keshav Nagar Welfare Association.

“Not only traffic but there are a lot of issues in Keshav Nagar. We are paying hefty property taxes and in return we are not getting any services.. Traffic, garbage, street lights, water supply or sewer issues are there. At least traffic police should provide signals on the road to manage the traffic,” said Chaitanya Sharma, a resident of Keshav Nagar & Member of Keshav Nagar Welfare Association. 

When Pune Pulse spoke to Mundhwa police, on the condition of anonymity informed, “We are trying to solve the issues related to traffic and illegal vehicles parked on the internal roads. We have received severe complaints related to this and we will solve it.” 

Nividita Kelapure 

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