Pune News : Passenger traffic at Pune airport increases

Pune: According to the Economic Survey published by the state government of Maharashtra, the Pune airport saw record rise in passengers in the last one year.

The domestic passenger traffic at the Pune airport witnessed a record 73 per cent growth, stated the survey.

A total of 36.95 lakh domestic passengers travelled through the Pune airport in 2022, whereas the passenger traffic travelled in 2021 was 21.33 lakh. As far as cargo service is concerned, 28,697 metric tons of cargo handled at Pune airport in 2022, whereas 26,419 metric tons of cargo handled at Pune airport in 2021.

Economic Survey further stated that, Pune airport witnessed 0.18 lakh international travellers in 2022 and 0.05 lakh international travellers in 2021.

According to data,Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur are the top three airports in Maharashtra with 185.65, 36.95 and 15.94 lakh domestic passengers respectively in 2022. However Sindhudurg, Gondia and Ozar (Nashik) witnessed 0.19, 0.02 and 0.52 lakh lowest domestic passengers in 2022.

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