Pune News : Pune railway yard remodelling work to start soon

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Pune railway station sees huge traffic of passengers travelling across various destinations. To ease the rush and provide state of the art facilities, Pune railway station will undergo a major makeover under the under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme, under which 1275 railway stations across the country will undergo change.

Speaking to Manoj Jhawar, public relations officer, Pune railway division, he said this project is still in the planning stage and shall soon start. Estimated time for the work to start will be by the end of March and is expected to be completed in 28 days. The main work of the remodeling will be the extension of the railway platform towards the “Mumbai end”.

The work will be carried out in different phases, for example: Phase 1, Phase 2. In Phase one, the platform number 2,3 & 6 will be taken up. This work will be done which will have a lot of technicalities to it. It’s all about points and crossings and track work. Because this work is heavily technical, it’s a long term work and will take place with several breaks in between, he added. 

He further said that a terminal has been built in Shivajinagar. And 6 pairs of local trains have been shifted to Shivajinagar for this work to be carried out. Also some trains will be shifted to Hadapsar railway station. 

A message to the public from the railway division is that the said process should be anticipated to be a long term process, and public cooperation is expected largely. There is no need to panic about regular traveling.

Although the trains won’t be closed completely, there may be some delays and cancellations to some of the trains. And this matter will be announced to the public by the railway division before the work starts in full force. 

Pune railway station will also undergo a makeover in the coming few months. 

Services to the passengers :

  • Preserving the heritage building of Pune station and building a state of the art new building
  • Building to be constructed on both sides of the station, which will be interconnected
  • Separate area for the retail outlets, cafetaria, amusement centers on both sides of the station
  • State of the art waiting rooms

Features of new Pune Railway Station :

  • The main building of the new station will be 12,976 square meters
  • Second station building will be 3,334 square meters
  • The tentative station size will be – 26,610 square meters
  • Parking area – 3,300 square meter
  • Separate facility building for Parcel
  • New building will follow green building norms
  • Metro, bus station, Railway station multi-model integration

Adeeba Nausheen