Pune News : PMC extends deadline to submit PT 3 forms till November 30

Pune News : PMC extends deadline to submit PT 3 forms till November 30

PMC Plans Additional Tax on Hostels and PG Accommodations to Boost Property Tax Collection

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On the final day to reclaim the property’s 40% discount, long lines formed at regional offices as citizens rushed to submit their forms. Despite their efforts, many were unable to apply. Previously the last date to submit the form was November 15.

To alleviate the inconvenience, the civic administration has decided to extend the deadline for submitting PT 3 application forms to November 30. An official order will be issued on Thursday, November 16. 

Since 1970, the state government had rescinded the 40% property tax rebate for Punekars. Consequently, the state government has reinstated the 40% concession. To qualify for the exemption, individuals must complete the proof of flat and PT3 form and submit it to the nearest regional office.

 Uncertainty loomed over whether applications would be accepted on November 14 due to the Diwali holiday. Fearing the loss of a 40% discount, many rushed to the regional offices to submit the PT 3 application form, resulting in lengthy queues throughout the morning and even into the afternoon.

After a significant wait, regional offices finally issued tokens to citizens, urging them to return to complete the form. Amidst this, there have been calls for an extension of the nomination filing deadline, which the civic administration has granted, extending the application deadline to November 30.

Deputy Commissioner Ajit Deshmukh stated, “Following discussions with the commissioner, we have decided to extend the deadline for PT 3 application submissions until November 30. The official order will be issued on November 16.”

 Only 79,000 applications have been filed thus far. The 40% property tax rebate will only apply to those with a single flat, while a 100% tax will be imposed on second homes.

 Currently, old properties face a 100% tax on Rs 97,500 in the city and Rs 1,65,000 for new registrations after 2019.

To qualify for the concession, applicants must submit a PT3 application and two proofs.

As of now, 78,938 individuals have filed their applications, leaving 1,86,562 applicants yet to apply. Those who fail to submit their applications will not receive the discount. Two proofs are required for the 40% discount:

1. No objection certificate from the society stating the use of the property with the PT 3 application for self-occupation.

2. Valid identification such as a voter ID card, passport, driver’s license, or gas card.

3. Rs 25 challan fee is accepted during the submission of form 

4. The form is available on propertytax.punecorporation.org and also in PMC Regional Ward Offices.