Pune News : PMC’s water supply department dugs up newly resurfaced stretch on Tilak road

Pune: Water supply department of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) recently dug up the newly resurfaced Tilak road for laying of water pipeline. 

However, after the matter came into notice of Nationalist Congress Party’s Urban cell, its President Nitin Kadam felicitated PMC Road department chief engineer Vijay Kulkarni for completing the road work while knowing the fact that the water supply department was expected to dig the road.

Nitin Kadam, president of NCP Urban cell, said ,”We felicitated Road Department’s Vijay Kulkarni on February 7 after it came to notice that newly resurfaced Tilak road was dug up by the water supply department. Whereas, the road department admitted their mistake and said that such incidents won’t happen again.”

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) had approved a tender to repair the damaged roads in city, accordingly the Tilak road which had potholes was being resurfaced. On the other hand the work of PMC’s 24 by 7 water supply scheme is being going on in various parts of the city and therefore they are digging the roads to lay the pipelines, for which the Tilak road was dug up. 

Each department of PMC has the action plan of other department so the developmental work will be completed in order. 

Nitin Kadam said, “The work of the 24 by 7 water supply scheme by the PMC is in progress and its action plan has been approved. This plan is expected to be with the engineers from the water supply, road, drainage department and all the field offices and every officer is expected to keep the exact information about where the excavation will carried by the water supply department and accordingly plan the other developmental work.”

Whereas, Aniruddha Pawaskar, head of Water supply department giving clarification, said, “We have carried the work on old road which comes from Saras Baug to Tilak road, whereas we haven’t carried any digging work on the new road done by the Road Department of PMC. And we are not planning to dig the newly resurfaced Tilak road.”

Mrunal Jadhav 

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