Pune News : Pune forest dept rescues leopard from New Ahiregaon in Warje, taken to Bhugaon rescue centre

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Warje: In a surprising incident, a leopard was spotted in the New Ahire village near Warje in Pune on Saturday morning. The news caused quite a stir, as residents feared for their safety.

However, after two hours of intensive efforts, the forest department managed to capture the wild animal.The leopard was seen prowling in the New Ahire area, and the video of it quickly went viral.

Shivaji Mukhe, an officer on special duty with the Forest Department, Pune, commented on the incident, saying, “As primary information, this leopard is the same one that was noticed a few months back at the DRDO office at NDA. So, this may be the same leopard that had come to a society in Warje.”

The forest department’s animal rescue team arrived on the scene soon after, and they managed to capture the leopard safely. It was taken to the Bhugaon rescue center, where it will undergo a health check-up before being released back into the forest.

Mrunal Jadhav