Pune News : Pune railway collected Rs 1 crore from ticketless travellers

Pune Railway collects fine of Rs 11.38 lakh from 1317 ticketless passengers

Pune Railway Division earned Rs.1.75 crore from ticketless passengers in February 2024

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In a recent development, the Pune Railway Division from 3 lakh 12 thousand 159 cases, in the past 11 months collected fines of Rs 1 crore 73 lakhs. In the month of February alone, 20,537 people were caught traveling without tickets during ticket inspections, and more than 1 crore 73 lakh rupees were collected from them as a penalty.

Furthermore, over 6,843 people were fined over Rs 40 lakh for irregular travel, while 171 people were fined Rs 19,000 for carrying luggage without booking. These actions were taken under the guidance of Divisional Railway Manager Indu Dubey, Additional Divisional Railway Manager Brijesh Kumar Singh, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Dr. Milind Hirve, and Divisional Commercial Manager Dr. Ramdas Bhise. The information was released by Manoj Jhawar, public relations officer, Pune railway division.

The ticket checking campaign is continuously going on, and passengers are urged to travel with valid tickets to avoid facing the penalties outlined under the Railway Act, including imprisonment. The Pune Railway Division has recovered more than 22 crore 52 lakh from 3 lakh 12 thousand 159 cases in 11 months from April to February this year.

We encourage all our readers to follow the rules and regulations set by the railway administration to ensure a smooth and safe journey for everyone. 

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