Pune News : Pune ZP asks Blue Bells High School to shut school, refrains parents from taking admission for children

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Pune : Blue Bells High School and Junior College, located in Kondhwa Khurd, Pune has been declared as an unauthorized school by the Educational Officer, Primary Zilla Parishad Pune. The Education Officer has directed parents to refrain from admitting their children to this school.

The letter clearly states that admission to this unauthorized school can cause severe educational harm to the child. Therefore, parents are advised to not take admission for their children in Blue Bells High School and Junior College. The letter further cautions students who are already enrolled in this school to consider transferring to a recognized school to avoid any adverse impact on their education.

This decision was taken after the authorities discovered that Blue Bells High School and Junior College is not authorized by the Educational Officer Primary Zilla Parishad Pune to conduct educational activities. This means that the school is not recognized by the government and is not regulated by the education department, which could lead to poor quality of education for students.

The announcement has caused a stir in the community, as parents are now concerned about the future of their children’s education. The Education Officer Primary Zilla Parishad Pune has urged parents to be vigilant and to check the authorization status of any school before admitting their children.

Mrunal Jadhav

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