Pune News : Railway passenger organizations criticise Pune Railway’s move to upgrade to five star restrooms

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Pune: In a major development, the Pune Railway Station has announced plans to offer a luxurious five-star rest room for passengers. The move has been met with opposition from several railway passenger organizations who argue that the station should focus on improving its basic amenities before offering luxurious services.

According to sources, the proposed five-star rest room will be equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, comfortable seating, high-speed Wi-Fi, TV screens, and more. The facility will also include a separate lounge area, a dining area, and a dedicated staff to cater to the needs of passengers.

The Railways has plans to move the reservation center on the first floor to the ground floor and set up a rest room at that place. However, no proposal has been sent in this regard yet.

However, Railway Pravasi Group, an organisation fighting for the betterment of the railway passenger has opposed the move, arguing that the station should focus on improving its basic amenities such as shadow places for common places, proper seating, and better security before offering luxurious services. Pravasi Group has also criticised the station for not consulting them before announcing the plan.

Harsha Shah, chairman of Railway Pravasi Group,said “This is nothing but to cater only for high end passengers. Then where should poor,common people go? Many times we have approached railway for the basic amenities at railway station but instead of giving it, they are focusing on high end passengers.’’

This move by the Pune Railway Station is part of a larger trend in the Indian Railways, where several stations are upgrading their facilities to cater to the needs of high-end passengers. While this has been met with criticism from some quarters, others have welcomed the move, saying that it will help improve the overall travel experience for all passengers.

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