Pune News : Regional Transport Office to assign motor vehicle inspector to study cause of accident

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Pune: With the number of accident cases on the rise, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) has taken a significant step to prevent further occurrences by assigning a motor vehicle inspector to visit accident spots and study the root causes of the accidents.

According to RTO Officer Ajit Shinde, the inspector will be tasked with giving spot visits to areas where accidents have occurred, and studying the causes of the accidents. The inspector’s analysis will help the authorities to identify ways to prevent such accidents from happening again in the future.

The police inspectors in the respective police stations will also be involved in the process. After an accident occurs, they will visit the spot and provide a detailed description of the accident, including its reasons and any other necessary information. By studying the situation, the inspector will determine ways to avoid future accidents.

The RTO has taken this step to address the increasing number of accidents in the region. The inspector’s report will be used to develop strategies to reduce the incidence of accidents and ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Mrunal Jadhav