Pune News : Residents criticize PMC’s Pedestrian Day initiative

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Residents criticize PMC’s Pedestrian Day initiative

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By: Pune Pulse

December 9, 2023

Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is gearing up to observe Pedestrian Day for the third consecutive year, an event considered a significant initiative by the civic body to prioritize pedestrian safety.

However, it has faced criticism from residents and social activists who argue that the PMC’s negligence towards pedestrian safety throughout the year reduces this effort to a symbolic gesture observed on a single day.

On December 11, the PMC decided to implement a restricted area for vehicles, spanning from Nagarkar Talim Chowk to Umbrya Ganpati Chowk to Garud Ganpati Chowk. To ensure the success of this initiative, the PMC has collaborated with the city police, traders’ association, and hawkers’ association.

Despite this, the PMC has received public backlash for its failure to implement tangible initiatives in recent years. Citizens argue that the PMC seems content with a symbolic observance on a solitary day rather than ensuring year-round safety. The city’s sidewalks are viewed as a clear indication of the lack of concern for pedestrian safety, with poorly installed blocks, frequent obstructions, and the intrusion of motorcycles on footpaths contributing to hazardous conditions.

The PMC positions itself as the pioneering civic body to implement a designated Pedestrian Day. However, social activists note that the event has been confined to a single day on Lakshmi Road, emphasizing the need for consistent pedestrian safety measures.

Residents emphasized the need for the PMC to ensure citizens have ample space to walk freely on footpaths, which has become increasingly challenging. There is a need for permanent solutions rather than just celebrating events; the PMC should prioritize remedial measures. 

PMC should strategize pedestrian safety by designating certain roads as pedestrian-friendly, particularly in market areas, emphasizing the need for a proactive administration mindset.

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