Pune News : Schools in PMC Without Separate Toilets for Boys and Girls Under Scrutiny, Warns Minister Uday Samant

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In a recent significant development, Uday Samant, the Maharashtra Minister, has announced a robust plan to enforce strict actions against schools falling under the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) jurisdiction. The focus of these measures is to rectify the lack of separate toilet facilities for boys and girls within these schools. This strategic move underlines the government’s unwavering commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive educational environment that caters to the needs of all students.

Addressing queries from Madhuri Misal, the BJP MLA representing Pune’s Parvati assembly constituency, Minister Samant outlined the comprehensive approach during an ongoing state assembly session. He emphasized that a meticulous inspection campaign is set to kickstart within the Pune Municipal Schools.

This campaign is designed not only to address the urgent restroom facilities concern but also to comprehensively assess and rectify a spectrum of other issues that could hinder students’ academic progress.

One of the paramount objectives of the Maharashtra government is to ensure the seamless continuation of the students’ academic year without any disruptions stemming from unresolved infrastructure challenges. By taking proactive steps, the government aims to create an environment where students can focus solely on their studies and personal growth.

Presently, the Pune Municipal Corporation’s primary education department oversees a total of 272 primary schools, which cater to various mediums including Marathi, English, Urdu, and Kannada. Among these, there are 185 Marathi medium schools, 33 Urdu medium schools, 52 English medium schools, and two Kannada medium schools. Currently, there are 2,425 approved teaching positions within these institutions.

However, it is notable that 352 of these positions remain vacant. To address this shortage, the School Education Department is diligently conducting a recruitment drive, with a promising timeline of two to three months for completion, as indicated by Minister Samant.

The proactive and determined stance of the Maharashtra government towards enhancing infrastructure and facilities in schools reflects its resolute dedication to cultivating an environment that is conducive to optimal learning experiences for all students in Pune.

By ensuring that basic amenities like separate toilet facilities are in place, the government is setting a strong foundation for students to thrive and succeed. This move aligns with the broader vision of empowering the youth and fostering a brighter future for the region.