Pune News : Shared auto services at Metro stations failed after it’s launch 6 months back

Shared auto services at Metro stations

Pune News : Shared auto services at Metro stations failed after it’s launch 6 months back

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The share-an-auto service, which was introduced at eighteen Metro stations in August 2023, is still not in use. In order to minimize inconveniences, commuters stated the necessity of having operational share-an-auto services at the maximum stations.

Recently, a resident of Pune was searching Shivajinagar Metro station for a shared autorickshaw to take him to Pashan road. He claimed that some drivers just would not get behind the wheel. Rather than using the meter, some asked for a higher fare.

Another resident claimed that even though he usually begins his journey at Vanaz station, he usually ends up paying extra for the quick ride there. When rickshaw drivers learn the destination, they demand higher fares. If someone wants to use a private vehicle, there is no place to park close to the stations. Autos should operate in accordance with the approved fare chart, according to officials.

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) has coordinated with Maha Metro and auto unions to determine the routes for share-an-auto services. All major Metro stations have boards with these routes and fares displayed on them, but drivers have openly admitted that they don’t follow them.

There isn’t a designated auto stand here, according to an auto driver. Also, there is no guarantee that they will receive a return ticket. Because of this, the majority of them are hesitant to operate at the share-auto scheme’s set fares.

A senior official of the RTO announced that a review meeting with auto unions will be held. Their goals are to serve commuters and find solutions for rickshaw drivers’ problems. They’ll investigate the lack of share-auto options.

According to a Maha Metro official, commuters and car owners will both profit from the program. Boards regarding drop-off and pickup locations have been put up at Metro stations.