Pune News : Traffic woes persist despite revised plans at SPPU chowk due to flyover construction

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Despite multiple revisions to traffic diversion plans, congestion at the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) Chowk on Ganeshkhind Road persists due to ongoing construction of a double-decker flyover by the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA). The latest plan, implemented from Friday, includes a ban on heavy vehicles, yet issues remain unresolved.

The construction of the double-decker flyover initiated in November 2023 necessitated traffic diversions, with subsequent revisions in February and March after initial plans failed to alleviate congestion. Pune’s police commissioner Amitesh Kumar intervened in February, instructing traffic police to adjust road diversions for smoother flow.

However, despite the recent revised plan on March 22, the second in a month, traffic jams persist as the narrowed road due to the flyover construction continues to impede traffic. The latest plan includes a ban on heavy vehicles on various routes leading to SPPU Chowk.

Vehicular movement instructions issued on Friday dictate alternative routes for vehicles traversing from SPPU Chowk to Ganeshkhind Road, with closures and U-turns implemented at specific junctions. 

Additionally, heavy vehicles are prohibited on multiple roads leading to SPPU Chowk during specified hours, with exceptions for certain vehicle types.

Ban on heavy vehicles:

Heavy vehicles on roads from Ganeshkhind Road Chafekar Chowk, Aundh Road Bremen Chowk, Baner Road Abhimanshree Chowk, Pashan Road Abhimanashree Chowk and Senapati Bapat Road to SPPU Chowk are banned.

Rohidas Pawar, deputy commissioner of police (traffic), said three-wheeler pick-ups transporting vegetables, three-wheelers, four-wheelers, goods carriers, as well as dumpers, mixers, JCBs, road rollers, low-speed vehicles, and other vehicles are permitted between 8 am and 12 pm and 4 pm to 10 pm.

Rohidas Pawar, emphasized the necessity of these restrictions to mitigate congestion, particularly during peak traffic hours. 

Vehicular movement:

As per an order issued by the traffic police department on Friday, for vehicles going from: 

• SPPU Chowk to Ganeshkhind Road to Senapati Bapat Road, the right entry from Senapati Bapat Road Junction is closed and motorists should take U-turn in front of Cosmos Bank and take left turn at Senapati Bapat Road Junction.

• The right-side entry at Range Hills corner has been closed for vehicles coming from Shivajinagar towards Range Hills on Ganeshkhind road. 

• Motorists should take a U-turn in front of Cosmos Bank and take a left turn at Range Hills corner to take the alternate route.

• As Baner to SPPU Chowk Road is closed, motorists should take a left turn from the chowk, right turn at Pashan Road at Abhimanshree Junction and reach Baner Road

Despite these efforts, challenges persist, highlighting the complexity of managing traffic amidst ongoing construction projects.

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