Pune News : Zero tolerance policy declared by Commissioner Amitesh Kumar

Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar

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In a firm stance against street crimes, the police have declared a “zero tolerance” policy regarding women’s safety. Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar emphasized strict action against any form of harassment or assault on women in public spaces. This includes incidents like being hit with water balloons or being chased on the streets.

With the rise in clashes over minor issues, the police are prioritizing the prevention of street crimes. Commissioner Kumar highlighted the escalation of conflicts stemming from road rage at signals or on the roads for trivial reasons. He assured that stringent measures would be taken against criminal activities in public areas, including vandalism of vehicles.

In preparation for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, a crackdown on criminals is underway. The police are actively pursuing individuals with criminal records, including those involved in the Arms Act. Measures such as arrests under MPDA and MCOCA are being implemented, along with compiling lists of known criminals in the city. Preventive action will be taken against them in the coming months.

To bolster security, increased patrolling is underway across various areas, including slums. Efforts to strengthen police posts are ongoing, ensuring a proactive approach to maintaining law and order. Commissioner Kumar affirmed that necessary steps are being taken in alignment with the election process.

The police’s proactive measures aim to ensure the safety and security of citizens, particularly women, while also addressing broader concerns of street crimes and criminal activities ahead of the elections.

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